Al-Mahalliyya Public Affairs was able to grow very fast only in few years thankful are for the team of Al Mahalliyya.


Our achievement

  • Al-mahaliya Organized The Eighth Symposium of The Sensitivity of the Chest for  the Saudi Society of Pediatrics.      
  • Execution of International conference of Saudi neonatology Association.   
  • Farhaty Program ( In collaboration with MOH).
  • Health Passport Program ( In collaboration with MOH).
  • Establishment of Gulf Health Library “ Specialist” ( In collaboration with Executive bureau of GCC).
  • Excellence Prize for Gulf Health media ( In collaboration with Executive bureau of GCC).
  • Campaign of Non Communicable Diseases ( In collaboration with MOH).
  • Clean Student Program ( In collaboration with MOE).
  • My Health is in my food Program ( In collaboration with MOE).
  • Family health Program ( In collaboration with MOE).
  • Puberty health program ( In collaboration with MOE).
  • Awareness Campaign about Breast Cancer ( In collaboration with MOH).
  • Princess Adla Prize for Scientific research & Humanitarian services ( In collaboration with Sanad Society).
  • National Awareness Campaign for  Cancer( In collaboration with MOH).
  • Pilgrims Health is our Address ( In collaboration with MOH).
  • Hallo Ramadan Program ( In collaboration with MOH).
  • Hygiene Campaign ( In collaboration with MOH & MOE).
  • Diabetes Awareness campaign “ Yes to Life.. No to Diabetes “( In collaboration with MOH).
  • San Antonio conference ( In collaboration with National Guard Hospital).
  • Seasonal Flu Campaign ( In collaboration with Saudi Society for Public Health).
  • Quality Mark Campaign ( In collaboration with Saudi Association for Specifications and Metric Quality )..
  • Arab Conference for Specifications Campaign ( In collaboration with Saudi Association for Specifications and Metric Quality ).
  • Islamic Banks conference , under auspices of HRH Prince Mohamed Al Faysal, in collaboration with Prince Sultan College of Tourism.
  • Crises management of Arla company.
  • Media coverage of Riyadh celebration2007.
  • Management of Diabetes crises.
  • Organization, management & marketing of International conference of Pediatric.
  • Organization&  management of the First Education conference.   


Why us

In order to you have to be specialized and providing special services therefore we believe in both specialty and regenerative. Those two concepts contributed to build strategic partnership with both governmental and private bodies, these partnerships positively reflected in the quality of our output which are also supervised by a harmonic team of experts and specialists. We in Al-Mahalliyyapa have an elite team of specialists in all fields of our business which translated tends and objectives of our company into reality.


Exceptional relation

Al-Mahalliyyapa has very special relationships with most of the traditional media. This relationship between Al-Mahalliyyapa and traditional media is fruitful and built based on the exchange of both expertise and utility. Al-Mahalliyyapa use to contribute in preparing and coordinating for the episodes in the radio and TV as well as participating and preparing media stories for specific issues in the Saudi journalism, for all that Al Mahalliya has special relation with traditional media.


Digital and social media " new media"

Al-Mahalliyyapa has convoyed the development in the new media by establishing new department with high qualified and specialized team in the new media to invest it to fulfill our customers objectives by setting strategic contents for their projects and farther to emblements these strategic contents in the new media.


Quality and accuracy

We in Al-Mahalliyyapa has but in mind our partner’s goals and the mechanism by which we  translate those goals into reality by using our human and technical expertise in addition to using our remarkable relationship with the related entities.


Customer comes first

Customer comes first is the first lesson we learn to any individual joins in Al-Mahalliyyapa company, the members of Al-Mahalliyyapa will keep working according to this concept until it becomes a culture that the customers can easily feels. After a while the members of Al-Mahalliyyapa turns from services providers to belonging employees.


Changing mental image

We also gained our reputation from our ability to change the mental image about a company or brand simply, we create and change the mental image by evaluating the current situation and setting strategic contents to achieve the required mission.


Building employees self confidence

We in Al-Mahalliyyapa PA seek to make every employee an ambassador of Al-Mahalliyyapa , as we instill (quality and speed) concepts we also seek the employee objectives and work hard to fulfill them for him. Therefore we also become the employee’s firs concern.



As we in Al-Mahalliyyapa do believe in the concept of transparency, Al-Mahalliyyapa provides monthly report for all its customers. This monthly report, includes details about their projects, achieved jobs, not achieved jobs and the reason for not achieving them. This monthly report keeps the customer totally involved and aware of the project situation.


Continues follow up

One of the most things that makes Al-Mahalliyyapa special is the intensive follow up not only to everything related to customer or this project but also to remove all obstacles that might face the customer at all levels in our partnership.