"Luna" initiative for innovation launched in four cities with prizes of 175 thousand riyals

National Company for Food Industries . Ltd. is preparing to launch LUNA initiative of creativity aimed at female students of Saudi universities in several districts to design some brand products or marketing plan , with awards up to one hundred and seventy-five thousand riyals, and the competition will include students of  Princess Noura bnt Abdul Rahman University , King Saud University , University of Dar AL hekma, University of Business and TechnologyUniversity of Al-Yamamah , King Faisal University and the University of Imam Faisal Abdul Rahman (formerly) Dammam.

The initiative aims to increase the level of cooperation of Luna with female college students, especially young women who have a talent in design and high skills in entrepreneurship and the initiative opens the doors for them to get to know the real work environment where they will learn how to overcome obstacles and find effective solutions during the crisis as an opportunity to implement their ideas and designs on the ground.

The initiative is divided into two categories , one category for marketing plans to design a marketing campaign to support the production line taking into consideration the name of the project , its idea and its  strategic objectives, and design category for redesign and development of products currently on the market such as Luna concentrated milk and Sour cream , peanut butter, and the most important criteria is the ​​innovative design and application of commercial brand specifications and  design two different types of print outs.

Luna company will select the best ten participations submitted by each university, and will organize a workshop for students in collaboration with universities and experts from the National company in order to develop ideas and designs and then choose the best one or two projects from each university for the award.

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