Ministers of Health and Education Launch the Fitness Initiative (Rashaka) to reduce obesity rates among school students

Their Excellency; the Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq Bn Fawzan Al Rabiah, and Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmed bn Mohammed al-Issa, launched on Monday the Fitness Initiative (Rashaka) to reduce obesity rates among male and female students, on Al Rabie Bn Aamer school in Riyadh, which coincided with the start of the schools’ second semester, through 1000 schools of general education schools in six districts as a first stage, and under the auspices of Aquafina and Quaker companies.

The Launching ceremony started by the Holy Quran, followed by a welcoming speech by their Excellency the two ministers, then a documentary and explanatory film about the initiative, and a speech of the director of the initiative, Dr. Shaker Al Omari, and then honoring the sponsoring companies and entities participating in the initiative.

Subsequently, the ministers of health and education honored the winners students in the drawing contest accompanying the initiative, then they had a tour in the mini exhibition held on the occasion, then their Excellency the ministers of health, education and the celebration guests share healthy breakfast meal with their children students at school, and participated also in the performance of their fitness training exercises in the school yard.

This initiative that targets 6,000 schools for a period up to 5 years, will start - God willing - in its first year in 1000 Schools, as one of the initiatives by which (MOH) seeks to mobilize resources and joint efforts of the concerned parties at the national level to reduce the burden of obesity on the citizen and society.

The Launching ceremony was attended by HE theDeputy Minister of Health and Health Affairs, Mr. Hamad Al Dowailie , and theDirector General of Education, Dr. Abdullah Al Mana, and Assistant DirectorGeneral of Education for School Affairs Hamad Al Shnneber