1-Consumable marketing and brand activation

Al-Mahalliyyapa designs and implements PR Campaigns with contents help our customers to fully

engage with consumers in addition to building a long term loyalty for the brand of our customers. Consumable marketing basically focus on strengthen the communication between the consumer and the international famous brands, as we adopt the strategies made by staff with inset aims at building program with contents suite the targeted audience of our customers and in away insures building the noise needed.

We in Al-Mahalliyyapa have over thirty specialists and experts in the field of consumable market across the GCC states, those experts work to insure variable and remarkable choices for our customers as well as deep acknowledge of the local markets.

We simply are experts and a leading company in designing contents and BR campaigns for consumable products as well as new product lunching and awareness campaign targeting the consumer.

And brand activation and brand repositioning. Al-Mahalliyyapa is adopting the clear vision of its partners and customers and directly targets the consumer and transfer that vision of the costumer to the consumer by the intensive BR media coverage ( press, audible, visual and electronic) in addition to building strong relationship with strong allies and building strategic content of the BR campaigns.


2-Crises management

The crises management in the companies, organizations and institutions is nothing but sudden changes take place internally or outside the company, organization or institution, this changes might not be expected or can’t be avoided. The fact the we should think of and make sure we understand is that no company, organization of institute is totally inured from crises, in this field Al-Mahalliyyapa help its customers to face the crises ( the challenge ) with transparency. Al-Mahalliyyapa with its specialized team of crises management works to help its customers to plan, set the policy and the strategies and farther to be prepared to manage the crises and the unexpected events quickly.Al-Mahalliyyapa also develops internal policies and procedures for the companies and organizations. In order for them to product crises before it pops up.



 Through its specialism team with international expertise, Al-Mahalliyyapa is publishing many prints, specialized magazines (in health and BR fields).” The health magazines” published by Al Mahallyya are “ health magazine “ owned by the Saudi ministry of health in addition to “ Gulf health magazine” owned by the executive office of health ministries consul in the GCC, and “ generating health magazine” owned by the general administration for the school health in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and “ thimar AL Seha magazine” owned by the supreme consul of health in Qatar, “ Elakat magazine” specialized of the public relation and owned by Adar Al  ,all this magazines and prints target special audience and help deliver the message of our costumers precisely in addition, this magazines are valuable resource for the information. Al-Mahalliyyapa works hard fulfill the objectives of its customers by presenting wide and variable publishing and distribution services thankful are for the unique skilled expert and qualified team.


4-Event management

 Event management department in Al-Mahalliyyapa public affairs provides the serves of marketing and management of events in addition to high professionalism organizing expiations, this department include a team of experts with long experience and qualifications in local and international event management, all this make this department in our company part of any event related to health care in KSA.


5-(Digital and social media ( new media 

New media is the creative, innovation and ideas of Al-Mahalliyyapa in the virtual interactional word. this activity requires a team capable of following the development in the digital techniques day by day in order to make your company unique, remarkable and more productive and following all renew in the visual world and be aware of the position of your competitors in the same world and farther to make you capable of continues development for your investment in this field. Starting from that principle we set a plan and develop a strategy especially for your projects and line with your objective, organized and implemented.


6-(Corporate social Responsibilities ( CSR 

Passed on Al-Mahalliyyapa ’s vision and as we believe in the CSR important role toward the community, Al-Mahalliyyapa under takes the initiatives to help the community in where it is passed. Al-Mahalliyyapa believes that governmental and privet sector have to work together in order to achieve the economical and social Welfare for the community. Al-Mahalliyyapa is supporting CSR programs and installs this concept, distributed and develops it in this part of the world. Al-Mahalliyyapa has its own variable CSR programs. Al-Mahalliyyapa is also developing CSR programs in regular bases especially in the educational, scientifically and environment program.